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The Phoenix FlightThe Phoenix FlightThe Phoenix FlightThe Phoenix Flight
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About Us

Founded in 1998 by Maggie Bird and Glenn True, THE PHOENIX FLIGHT offers a unique service to families during a time of special need.

THE PHOENIX FLIGHT provides Standard and Customized Programs as well as a Designated Flight Program for aerial scattering of a loved one's cremated remains.  This beautiful service not only provides closure for families but also offers a unique way to honor a special person.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise THE PHOENIX FLIGHT has established an excellent reputation for professionalism within the industry.

THE PHOENIX FLIGHT is licensed by the State of California, and we scatter cremated remains by air over the Pacific Ocean in a beautiful setting.  We have also obtained permits to scatter over certain land and mountain areas.

Our scattering services are surprisingly inexpensive.  Scattering flights are performed in many areas of the country.  Families from other parts of the country have chosen to send cremated remains to California where the scattering flight can be performed with or without the family's presence.

Wherever you might be, when selecting a scattering service, be sure to choose a company which is fully licensed and insured, familiar with the laws of the state where the remains will be scattered, and staffed by professional pilots.

For pre-need or time-of-need considerations, we offer referrals for full funeral director and cremation services.


When considering burial alternatives, you may turn to THE PHOENIX FLIGHT with confidence.  We extend our commitment of prompt, helpful and reliable service to fulfill your needs.  Our experience and dedication to service during times of special need have earned us the confidence and respect of the many families we have assisted.

Flight operations are conducted under the guidelines and supervision of the Federal Aviation Agency and the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.

All facets of our operation are fully documented and records may be made available for inspection upon request.

The Phoenix Flight
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